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The Story of a Man and his Mullet - Ray Bentley to Join Game On's John McNeil for a live chat


Ex-NFL Linebacker, former Radio Show Host, Author, and ESPN College Football Analyst Ray Bentley will be joining Game On's John McNeil on Monday, April 27th at 8pm for a live Zoom Chat on Facebook. They'll be talking Buffalo Bills, life as an author, taking questions, and maybe even give some proper Mullet grooming techniques.

You can check it out here at Game On's facebook page,

In anticipation of the event, Ray's novel Driftwood is on sale for only $10. Use code "spring" at checkout and get an additional 25% off! (Code good until April 30.) The e-book version is available for just 99 cents. Go to to order now!

You can also pick up Darby's Christmas Adventure and the Bubba Gator children's book series for the kiddos. Get all four books for only $10 (and don't forget to use "spring" at checkout for another 25% off).

He's still working on his memoirs, Buffalo Rising, but you can enjoy a sneak peek here:


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