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New Book from Lou Rossi

We at Five Count Publishing are pleased to announce our newest title, The Counterfeit Matter by Lou Rossi. The book is available through Amazon as both an e-book ($3.99) and paperback ($15.00). Click on the cover image to link directly to Amazon to get your copy today!

This is Lou's second book published with Five Count. His first, Cigar Boys: Stories from the Ashes, is a collection of comedic short stories following the eclectic patrons of a fictional Western New York cigar shop, The Box.

Lou is excited about the release and hopes you enjoy the book. He also wants to thank all those who have supported his venture into writing.

About the book:

New Year's Eve, 2014. Buffalo, New York. Private Detective Lou Romoso is sitting at his desk reminiscing about how much he hates the stupid, made-up holiday when there’s a knock at his door. Grumbling, he reluctantly lets the potential client come in. At first, he is sure glad he did, because in walks a damsel in distress, a beautiful blonde in need of his help.

However, what she has to say quickly changes his mind. Counterfeit money? Old-time gangsters? Murder? No thanks, sweetheart. Lou sends her on her way. But the hook was set. His mind churns after she slams his door. Against his better instincts, he starts investigating the case.

In doing so, he begins to unravel a conspiracy spanning decades, and borders on the unbelievable. The case brings him all the way back to the 1950s, the heyday of the City of Good Neighbors. The bad guys seem to be one step ahead of him, though, and it’s putting the people around him in danger. Solving the case while keeping his friends and family alive will take everything Lou has. It’s a good thing he’s the best in the business; just ask him.

Be sure to click on the cover image above to get your copy today on Amazon!

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