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Introducing "Octagon John Goes to Mars," a new kid's book from Brad Faber

Five Count Publishing is proud to announce the release of Octagon John Goes to Mars, a new kid's chapter book from author and illustrator Brad Faber. The book will be available through Amazon in paperback and e-book starting next Thursday, December 10th.

Octagon John is suitable for all ages, either to read together with mom or dad or for older kids to enjoy on their own. And as an added bonus, the book includes over 20 fun facts about science, space, and more!

The paperback book will be available print-on-demand through starting next Thursday, December 10th, for $9.99. Or you can grab an e-book copy for just $1.99.

About the Book

Octagon John and his dog Ron love science and going on adventures. And wouldn’t you know it, their pal Smergo, an Elf-leprechaun, needs their help on an urgent mission: Rescuing Smergo’s wife Shirly on Mars! There’s only one problem, though. They need to make it back in three days for Smergo’s 500th birthday party. So strap in as the guys head to the fourth planet from the Sun for an epic quest in: Octagon John goes to Mars.

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