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The Time Arrow, a New Book from Five Count Publishing out Today

Five Count is excited to announce the release of its newest book, The Time Arrow, from first-time author Dr. Samuel Ruggiero.

The Time Arrow follows Peter Danville, a trauma surgeon from Atlanta, as he traverses life immediately after a life-altering tragedy. His grandfather, Dr. David Danville, is killed during a mugging just before he was set to deliver a speech that would change the course of medical history. Peter is devastated, and doesn’t know what to do. He is desperate to try and change what happened, and bravely is willing to go to the most extreme measures in order to right the wrong. Take a trip back in time to the Civil War as Dr. Danville tries to unwind the spiral that has become his future.

A retired Podiatrist from Buffalo, New York, Dr. Ruggiero decided to venture into writing after visiting the beautiful city of Atlanta. He tried to imagine the carnage and devastation of Sherman's siege. "The Civil War and time travel have always fascinated me, and after I saw the Jonesboro Battlefield, I thought, 'why not try to integrate both those ideas into a book?' Thus The Time Arrow was born," he said.

Dr. Ruggiero also has this message for readers: "I hope the readers enjoy the time-travel trip they are about to embark on. Safe travels!"

While the e-book is now ready for pre-ordering, the print book will be available starting Tuesday, January 21st, exclusively through Amazon. You can get a paperback version of the book for $14.00, or the Kindle e-book version for $2.99. Visit or click the image below for more information.


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