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Living Beyond Myself drops on May 18

Cedar Springs, Michigan, resident Roger P. Beukema Jr. has lived quite a life. Now, with his new book, Living Beyond Myself: An Out-of-Body Testimony, he is sharing his story. The book is being released May 18, 2018, and is available for purchase from, as well as in the Amazon Kindle store and through the Barnes and Noble Nook.

Roger was born with congenital heart disease back in 1956, when the science of fixing heart issues was in its infancy. Throughout his early life, he was in and out of the hospital constantly. It took 4 years before science was advanced enough to finally diagnose his problem. He was in the care of a team at Blodgett Hospital (now part of Spectrum), but the experimental surgery performed there in 1963 ultimately did not fix his ailing heart.

After searching endlessly, his mother, Tilia Beukema, was able to find a team in Chicago willing to take on his case. In yet another experimental surgery in early 1967, this time it was a success. Not without issue, though. During the surgery, Roger went into cardiac arrest. It was at this time, he says, his whole life changed. “Who I am now is not who I was. I am a new version Roger Beukema, with a new soul and new outlook on life.”

Along with his heart issues, Roger has also suffered from many other maladies, including multiple accidents as a child and Multiple Sclerosis.

Despite such an incredible journey, he has mostly kept his story secret. That is, until now. “My father’s dying wish was for me to share my story,” Roger says. “I am happy that I have now been able to do this.”

With the help of many, including Ritchard Bentley and Five Count Publishing, Roger’s dream of putting his story together is finally a reality.

“I know Roger’s been working on this project for years,” Ritch says. Roger, in fact, has spent over a dozen years on the book. “I’m happy we have been able to help him finish the book. I believe Living Beyond Myself has a very powerful message that will resonate with everyone.”

For more information on Living Beyond Myself or to order your copy, please visit

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