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Living Beyond Myself: an Out-of-Body Testimony, a new book coming from Five Count Publishing and Rog

Five Count Publishing is proud to announce a new release coming in May, Living Beyond Myself: An Out-of-Body Testimony, from new author Roger P. Beukema Jr.

Living Beyond Myself is Roger's story. He was born with congenital heart disease in 1956, and since then, his life has been filled with pain. Twice by the age of ten he underwent experimental open heart surgery. The first one failed, and the second one almost killed him.

During the second surgery at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, Roger went into cardiac arrest. Before being brought back by the surgical team, he went on a wonderful, albeit brief, journey to heaven.

The event changed Roger and his outlook on life, no matter how rough things got. And they got rough. Up until now he has shared his story with only a very select few, and even then never divulged all the details.

However, he has had a change of heart, and has decided to share with everyone. He hopes his story of pain and suffering, of faith and love, and everything in between can offer guidance to all those who may be facing similar situations in their own lives, and help them make it through like he has.

The book will cost $15.00, and is available for pre-sale now. You can click on the cover image above for more information on the book and to place your order today. Living Beyond Myself will also be available as an ebook. More details will follow on when the ebook is ready for pre-orders.

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