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Former Buffalo Bill Ray Bentley Coming to Galleria Mall Saturday


Author and former Buffalo Bills linebacker Ray Bentley will be signing autographs at the Walden Galleria Mall Saturday, March 25 from 11:00am until 3:00pm. Bentley will be stationed on the first floor near Sears and the Apple Store. Bentley is teaming up with a local Buffalo charity, BB&G Charities, to help raise money to support Western New York’s underprivileged youth. Bentley recently joined BB&G as a spokesperson.

Bentley’s books will be available for purchase and all autographs are free. However, he will be collecting donations for BB&G and donating a portion of all sales to the charity. Bentley is the author of a football novel based in Buffalo entitled Driftwood as well as the Darby the Dinosaur and Bubba Gator children’s books series. These books along with other memorabilia will be available at the signing. BB&G will also be selling candy bars as part of the fundraiser.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of BB&G Charities. The opportunity to help kids in WNY is a true blessing. I look forward to having Bills fans from all over the country assist in this worthwhile endeavor. I thank you all in advance. One of my favorite things about Buffalo is the heart and generosity of the community. Together we can make a difference.” - Ray Bentley

About BB&G Charities (

Buffalo Blue & Gold started in 2010 as a Buffalo Sabres fan page. It came to light to give Sabres fans from around the world a place to talk and share stories and thoughts about the team. Over the past four years BB&G, as it has affectionately become known, has grown to over 2,000 members and has spun off into other Buffalo sports fan pages. One constant has been the way we expect members to conduct themselves. BB&G aims to be a site where any fan can feel welcome and no one individual is greater than the team.

Over the past few years BB&G has broadened our focus to include support for local charities, which prompted us to start BB&G Charities. BB&G then changed its acronym meaning from Buffalo Blue & Gold to Building, Believing, & Giving! This venture will allow us to continue with our core belief that helping those who help others is of the utmost importance. BB&G Charities was born out of a desire to strengthen our focus on giving back to the Western New York Community that many of our members call home. We will concentrate our efforts on children of all ages and raise the profile of those groups involved with children looking to make a greater impact. Our passionate membership will live our core value, help those that help others, and progress toward the best community we can be.

BB&G Charities Mission Statement

“To provide underprivileged children the opportunity to experience the joy and positive developmental benefits of supervised activities and camping experiences.”

Bentley will also be at the WNY Sports Card Expo at the Grapevine Banquet Hall, 333 Dick Road, Depew, NY on Sunday from 9:30am to 2:00pm March 26, 2017. (


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