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Author Post: Liooooons!!!!

Tonight my beloved Detroit Lions kick off the preseason at home against the dog-ass Jets. But before they do I’d like to get on record regarding this historic season. I have steadfastly claimed it the “Year of the Lions” prior to every single season since my mind became conscious of football. This is the 50th consecutive year I have called it that the Detroit Lions are going to the Super Bowl and not only that but they will play my beloved Buffalo Bills. I know, I know… it hasn’t quite worked out so well for my previous predictions but this year is different I tell you! This year I have proof!

I have spent countless hours of research reading and translating old manuscripts, uncovering ancient prophecy and after having applied the proper filters to all this information I have discovered the little known fact that this is indeed the NFL’s Super Bowl Shemitah Year.

The NFL played its first Super Bowl on January 15, 1967 and the prophecy clock on the Seven Sevens began ticking. During the first 49 years my teams were denied and deprived as the Lions won only one playoff game during the entire span. Meanwhile the Bills suffered the cruelest fate of any as they lost four consecutive Super Bowls and haven’t been to the playoffs since the 20th century. The suffering during the Seven Sevens were for transgressions. But a brighter day iwas promised in the end. And the Promise will be fulfilled in the Super Bowl Shemitah Year!

Every seventh year is a Shemitah year where teams that have been awful fight their way to mediocrity. But after the Seven Sevens there is a Super Shemitah year. In this year the two most awful, woebegone, long-suffering pathetic franchises over the previous Seven Sevens will finally get their time in the sun. They will meet on Super Bowl Shemitah Sunday. Who else could this be but the Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills?

I know in the last days there will be scoffers and mockers and I’m ready to suffer and be martyred for revealing this prophecy. But when the Bills meet the Lions in Super Shemitha Bowl 50 you will know where to find truth.

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