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Plank Brothers

Eric L. Taylor

The book is now available for sale! Click on one of the links below to order your copy on Amazon.

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About the Book

Wilder County Pirates point guard Garrison Smith enters his senior basketball season with a ton of weight on his shoulders. The preseason coaches' poll pegs his team towards the bottom of the standings, and his dreams of playing high-level college basketball seem incredibly unlikely. Not only is he the team's captain and leader, Garrison feels the added pressure of trying to incorporate a new stoic teammate from New York City, Mike Williams. Can Garrison rise to the challenge and help his team win on and off the court? Follow the action of Plank Brothers, an unexpected brotherhood born amongst the pressures of high school and competition.

Praise for Plank Brothers

"Although I've sometimes struggled to put into words how significant sports have been in my life, Eric has clearly articulated that importance in Plank Brothers. In his novella, readers get to experience these young, high school characters in a way that also puts their small world into a more global context. Of course, the thrill and the magnitude of the big game is well depicted. However, the bigger story told is that the true value in all of these experiences lies in the individual and collective relationships, one's own personal growth, and the confidence to understand someone else's perspective and culture. This book is about a high school game, yet it's about so much more. This is the kind of story that everyone needs to read, whether you love sports or not. Eric's timing for his storytelling debut is perfect, given all the chaos in our world today. We could all use a reminder of how those small things in life can be the most powerful and create the most meaning for us long term."

~ Amy Murphy Curlis

"Plank Brothers is an incredibly well-paced, superb read. The characters are fleshed out with their own unique personalities, I felt like I really got to know them, especially Garrison. My favorite parts were the basketball games. I could literally see the plays happening in my head as I read through them they were described so vividly. Finishing the book, I feel so invested in these characters that I hope there's another one on the way sooner than later!"

~ Dustin Johnson

About the Author

Eric L. Taylor is a husband, father, believer, salesperson, writer, martial artist, coffee sipper, sports junkie, history buff, wannabe R&B singer, and aspiring grill master. He lives in Middle Tennessee.

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