Octagon John Goes to Mars

Written & Illustrated by Brad Faber

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About the Book

Octagon John and his dog, Ron, love science ang going on adventures. And wouldn't you know it, their pal, Smergo, an Elf-Leprechaun, needs their help on an urgent mission: Rescuing Smergo's wife Shirly on Mars! There's only one problem, though. They need to make it back in three days for Smergo's 500th birthday party. So strap in as the guys head to the fourth planet form the Sun in an epic quest in Octagon John goes to Mars.

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About the Author

Brad Faber was born in 1990 and is a lifelong resident of the Grand Rapids area of Michigan. He is a graduate of Forest Hills Central High School and Aquinas College. Brad currently works as a freelance writer and transcriber. In his spare time, he enjoys reading books and watching movies. He is a longtime fan of Major League Baseball, especially the Detroit Tigers. 

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