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Living Beyond Myself

An Out-of-Body Testimony

By Roger P. Beukema Jr.

With Ritchard Bentley

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“At some point during the procedure, the surface of a new world began peeling back and the doors closed on my life as I knew it. I didn’t know what time it was, nor did I care. All sense of time ceased to exist, or matter. Extreme con­tentment with the new surroundings filled me. I departed from my body and watched the surgical team work on me on the operating table. A much brighter light than that of the surgical equip­ment enlightened me. Soon the warmth of the light pulled my spirit out of the operating room. I floated through the surgical department about three feet off the floor. My journey had begun…”


On the operating table at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, during open-heart surgery at the young age of ten, I went into cardiac arrest. During that time, I was brought on a wonderful, albeit brief, trip to heaven. My experience in glory has helped shape my life ever since, through the good times and the bad. And let me tell you, I have endured plenty of the bad.


Living Beyond Myself is my story about the countless obstacles I had to contend with when I was just a young boy, and even more as I moved into adulthood. This is a story of love and faith, and some extreme pain and suffering, and what all of this has taught me about life. It is my hope my story brings you contentment with Christ. And if you don’t know God I hope this book brings you towards Him.

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"I couldn't put it down. It touched my heart beyond words."
Kimberly L. of MI

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About the Authors

Roger P. Beukema Jr., trained in emergency medical services at both Grand Valley State and Davenport, is a first time author. After his out-of-body experience, he was given his life mission, to help others. He has tried to embrace being a humanitarian, holding many different jobs. He has been a paramedic, a hospital “stooge” (orderly), a cook, a mortician’s assistant, and many more, all in hopes of making his community a better place. Now with his new book, Living Beyond Myself, he hopes to broaden his reach and touch the lives of many others. Roger is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and currently resides on Pine Lake in Cedar Springs. He has one son, Jason, a daughter-in-law, Kelsey, and two grandchildren, Ewan Phillip Garirel and Lailie Aryan Marie.


Ritchard Bentley is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a B.S. in History and minor in Mathematics. He has been in the book industry for fifteen years as a bookstore manager at the GVSU Laker Store and currently as an editor and co-owner with Five Count Publishing, LLC. Now a first-time writer, he hopes the book he and Roger put together can serve as an inspiration to others. He currently resides in Gowen, Michigan.

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