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 About Us 

We started Five Count Publishing with one original goal in mind: To publish our Father’s debut novel, Driftwood. We grew up in a household that emphasised reading and writing, and it had stuck with us throughout our young lives and up into adulthood. Both of us were looking for a change at our old jobs and thought, why not?  We left those old positions and decided to start our own business, and, more importantly, be our own bosses.


Ritch, with his background in the college bookstore industry, had a small working knowledge of how the book world worked, but we also were basically starting from scratch. While Ritch worked on editing and formatting Driftwood to get it ready to publish, Jake researched everything we needed to know regarding how to start and run a publishing company.


After a long eight-month process, we finally have achieved that original goal. Along the way, though, we came into contact with a few other aspiring authors who were looking to get works published. When that happened, our goal changed:  Five Count Publishing is now a company that is looking to help those aspiring authors who may not have the means or resources to edit, format, and publish their works.  Many of the big publishing companies aren’t out there looking for the new authors, and we at Five Count will give them an avenue to make their books available to the general public in both e-book and print.


We hope the works we put out there with our author partners bring joy to everyone who happens to come across them, and we hope our love of reading and writing can be spread to everyone else. So get ready to start reading in five, four, three, two, one…

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