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The Adventures of Daredevil Dylan

Five Count Publishing is proud to announce the release of a new children's book series, The Adventures of Daredevil Dylan, from John LaFontsee. The series follows Dylan, who is the neighborhood stunt kid. He is always pulling off cool tricks and stunts for all of his buddies. His best friend, Bullseye Billy, helps him set up all his spectacles and acts as his manager. Together, the two boys create quite a fun and exciting team.

About the Author & Illustrator

John LaFontsee is a children's book author born December 25, 1972 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He lives with his wife and two children, Holly and Dylan, in the country just north of where he grew up. He grew up doing many of the shenanigans and stunts he writes about in his books. He once even climbed up his elementary gymnasium wall on the little bricks that stuck out and scaled all the way to the roof!


John graduated from Wyoming Park High school and attended classes at ITT Tech studying engineering. In 2004 he developed heart failure combined with his psoriatic arthritis and had to file for disability. After some rehabilitation he started getting healthy. But tragedy struck again in 2009 when an automobile accident forced John to start using a wheelchair.  No longer able to do physical labor, he started to draw and write short stories to share at bed time with his young son. The family loved the stories so much they convinced John to write The Adventures of Daredevil Dylan.

Savannah Wells is an illustrator from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She attended Grand Valley State University to receive her BFA. She likes to create narrative images that can stand alone or be paired with text. When she isn't creating art, she spends her time baking treats for any and all who'd enjoy them.

Daredevil Dylan is always pulling off incredible stunts with the help of his best friend, Bullseye Billy. But he’s never done anything as crazy as jumping over Snapping Turtle Pond. Until now. His friends are building a huge ramp, and Dylan is going to go for it with his trusted bike, the Frog. Will he make it, or will he fall into the pond and get chomped on by snapping turtles? Find out in “The Adventures of Daredevil Dylan: The Snapping Turtle Pond Jump.”

Neighborhood bully Scott McGee, who all the kids call “Snots” because of his runny nose, wins the soap box car race every year. This year, stunt kid Daredevil Dylan and his best friend Bullseye Billy are pulling out all the stops to build a super-fast car to finally win first place. But Snots has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. See who wins in “The Adventures of Daredevil Dylan: The Great Soap Box Car Race.”

Halloween. The favorite holiday of Daredevil Dylan and Bullseye Billy (well, except for Christmas where they always get super cool presents!). Each year they like to pull off little tricks to scare their friends. This year they are going all out, and even want to scare Scott “Snots” McGee, the neighborhood bully. But there’s even a spookier house out there: the old Johnson family mansion. Find out who scares who in “The Adventures of Daredevil Dylan: Tricks or Treats.”

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