Buffalo Cigars to Host Ray Bentley for a book signing and meet & greet

On Friday, February 17, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Buffalo Cigars in Orchard Park, NY, will host former Buffalo Bill linebacker Ray Bentley. Ray will be on hand to sign autographs, talk football, and hang out with Bills fans and cigar aficionados. Autographs and pictures are free of charge. Ray's children's books and his novel, Driftwood, will be available for purchase, along with some sports memorabilia. Buffalo Cigars is located at 2911 Southwestern Boulevard. So stop on by! For more information about Buffalo Cigars, visit or like them on facebook. #RayBentley #Football #AuthorEvent #BookSigning #Cigars #BuffaloCigars

New Chapter from Ray Bentley's Buffalo Bills Memoirs

Been a while, but take a look at the first chapter of my new book about my time with the Buffalo Bills (stuff in Italics is from my journal I kept back in the day). But before we get to Buffalo, we have to go to where it all began... Exacting a little revenge against the Bucs We Don’t Play That Way Around Here Donald Trump ruined my life; hopefully for the only time. Not really, but it sure felt that way. Like many others still under contract with the United States Football League in 1986, I had an entire year off from football during which they paid me one third of my salary for the upcoming season. In return, I could not pursue an NFL job. After my Oakland Invader team lost to the Baltimor

Book Signing with Lou Rossi at Buffalo Cigars

On Thursday, January 19, Buffalo Cigars, located at 2911 Southwestern Boulevard in Orchard Park, New York, will host author Lou Rossi for a book signing. The signing will be from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm in the lounge area. Lou, a University at Buffalo police officer and former football coach for the Buffalo Destroyers of Arena Football, is a first time author. His collection of short stories titled Cigar Boys: Stories from the Ashes, follows a group of cigar aficionados at the Box, a Western New York cigar shop. And by follow, we basically mean make fun of all the crazy, idiotic situations they find themselves in. For more information about Buffalo Cigars, you can visit their website at www.buffa

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