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Ray Bentley

Author of Driftwood, Bubba Gator, Darby the Dinosaur and Roger the Raccoon

Ray Bentley was born and raised in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.  He graduated Hudsonville High School in 1979 and attended Central Michigan University on a full-ride scholarship to play football.  While at Central Michigan, Ray majored in English Literature and accomplished many feats on the football field.  He broke the all-time career tackles record while playing linebacker for the Chippewa’s and still holds the record for most tackles in a single season.  He was the only defensive player ever to receive of the Mid-American Conference Player of the Year award.





After leaving Central Michigan, Ray began his professional football career in the USFL, playing for the Michigan Panthers and the Oakland Invaders.  In 1986, Ray signed with the NFL franchise, the Buffalo Bills.  He played with the Bills for six seasons, including two of the four historic consecutive Super Bowl appearances.  After suffering an injury with the Cincinnati Bengals in 1992, Ray retired from professional football.


Once retired, Ray became a radio show talk host in his home town of Grand Rapids on WOOD 1340 AM, as well as a play by play announcer on FOX for the NFL.  In 2000, he became the Head Coach and General Manager of the Buffalo Destroyers, an Arena Football League team.  After resigning in 2003, he made his way back to the television screen, becoming a color analyst for ESPN college football games, the job he still holds today.


In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Ray published seven children’s books.  He recently got back into writing and released his first novel, Driftwood, in June of 2015.  Ray is the father of five children with his wife, Jodi, and the grandfather of two boys.  He currently resides in New Hampshire.

Books by Ray:

Lou Rossi

Lou Rossi was born and Raised in Western New York. He attended Maryvale High School, and was a member of the 1975 graduating class. For college he stayed in the Buffalo area, attending Buffalo State College. Lou graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics in 1979.


His coaching career has spanned the high school, college, and professional levels.  He has coached at Williamsville South, Nichols, and St. Francis High Schools, and Buffalo State. At the professional level he coached for four years in the Arena Football League, spending one year with the Rochester Brigade of AF2, and three with the Buffalo Destroyers.


Also during this time Lou has been a Police Officer. He has been an officer for 29 years at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York.


Cigar Boys: Stories from the Ashes is his first journey into the world of writing, and he hopes the readers enjoy it as much as he did in putting it together. His first novel, The Counterfeit Matter, will be released in 2016.

Books by Lou:

Books by Vincent:

Vincent Alcaras

Vincent writes a darker shade of fiction, not afraid to delve into the grey area of human existence and morality.  

Always known for being an observer of the human condition, Vincent expanded this understanding from the what, into the how and why of human nature by obtaining a degree in psychology from SUNY Buffalo. After deciding he wanted to be an author, Vincent used that keen insight to develop stories that hit deep chords within us all and characters that jump off the page.

Those psychological insights are only bolstered by his upbringing. Having been raised in Buffalo living in a home with more first generation Italian immigrants than not, Vincent has developed a world view that is quite different from most. This blend of old school European and contemporary American mindsets shine through in the culturally diverse cast of characters he creates.